Sorry, but COVID fucked everything up. No catering for the forseeable future.



Who doesn’t love a taco bar? Your guests can build their own custom tacos, no special orders required.

Our taco bar comes with equal amounts of chicken, pork, and vegan beans. As for toppings, it will come with onions, radish, corn pico de gallo, fresh cilantro, our smoky red salsa, tangy verde salsa, Taco Cat crema sauce, cilantro, and limes. We use 5 inch corn tortillas made fresh here in Minneapolis. Everything is gluten free and we can accomidate enitre vegetarian or vegan caterings by request.

Base price is $2.75 per taco.

We suggest 3 tacos per person plus sides


Chips (2.5 lbs) - $10

Guacamole (1 qt) - $25

Salsa (1 qt) - $10

Rice & Beans (2 qt of each)- $20

We provide serving utensils with every catering order. We can provide recyclable forks, napkins, and paper dishes for additional charge. If you plan on having a longer event or the food will be sitting around for 45+ minutes, we also have racks and heating sternos available.